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Fragile Ego’s:

‘Fragile Egos’ is a sound research which started in 2018 about the most vulnerable part of the human animal: the fragility of its ego.

I sonically exploit this most tender layer: The moment the ego gets hurt and how it deals with this pain, feels fear and is in need to self protect and becomes vicious because of all that.

A moment the ego feels unheard or disrespected and with what absurd velocity these emotional reactions can shoot and explode is fascinating to me.

Stories and situations facing panic and the need for validation are the narrative guidelines which I trace.

I investigate fragile egos from a perspective of understanding and a non judgmental observation.

sounDing/4-phases of de-knowing:
sounDing/4-phases of de-knowing is a work developed over the last few years. It is a sound showing, research and theatrical piece inspired by the book “Das Observatorium” from Bettina Wohlfender:

a short docu text about the work and process can be found via the link below:
doCu text
sounDing/4-phases of de-knowing is a project that can be modified into various spaces and context. It is made to be recomposed and is adaptable. If you are interested in hosting the work, please get in touch: arzusounds4u@gmail.com


sonics is a podcast dedicated to sound. sound artists, Rebecca Glover, aRzu saglam and their guests, journey through the vast world of sound.
join them as they delve into recording techniques, the work of sound professionals and artists, different listening theories and just generally rave about the aspects of sound that make them tick.
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